Standing desks at Swrve

Here at Swrve we’ve got a world class engineering team. We’re an active lot. It turns out quite a few of us get restless when we sit at our desks for too long. Whether it’s cycling 1400km  around Ireland, hiking in the hills at the weekend, hitting the crossfit gym in the morning on the way to the office, swimming in the sea, taking part in running races, or just cycling to work a few days a week, it’s safe to say sitting stationary at a desk wasn’t what drew many members of the Swrve engineering team to our profession. Mix this up with the usual lower back pain most of us have suffered at some point in our working lives and it was inevitable that we’d end up trying out standing desks in our office at some point.

Back in May one person used their Friday Skunkworks time to build a standing desk from an Ikea coffee table. Quite a few members of the engineering team took the opportunity to use the new desk for a few days to evaluate whether it was a setup that they liked. We also picked up a commercial desk from Varidesk at around the same time which has been used by team members following back problems.

So far the feedback has generally been positive with three other standing desks appearing in the intervening months since May, including a second purpose built model from Ikea.


Fortunately we’ve been unable to reproduce the results reported in The Onion about how standing at a desk can increase coworkers disdain 😉

A few comments from the team on their standing desk experience:

  • “I found it pretty good, but tiring without an adjustable desk or a stool to sit on occasionally — standing all day was too much.”
  • “I used the pomodoro method to build up my endurance with the standing desk: first day 25 mins standing, 5 mins sitting, second day 30 mins standing, 5 mins sitting”
  • “A standing desk is really great for being productive and focused on the task, but if I have to do a lot of thinking about a problem, I find myself sitting down”

We’re looking forward to getting our hands on a copy of Kelly Starett’s Deskbound when it becomes available.

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